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Default 191 Fd Regt RA

My notes on the subject:

191 (Herts and Essex Yeo) Fd Regt RA
The Regiment was formed on 29 Nov 42 and the unit sign was designed by the CO when the unit was stationed at Trowbridge in the Spring of 1943. Commenting on the design, the CRA (Commander Royal Artillery) is quoted to have said, “Well, I don’t suppose that it can do any bloody harm!” The sign (known colloquially by the soldiers as the Goat and Cutlasses was particularly welcomed by those members of 86 (Herts Yeo) Fd Regt RA and 147 (Essex Yeo) Fd Regt RA from which 191 (Herts and Essex Yeo) Fd Regt was formed. Many officers of 191 Fd Regt RA continued to wear their former Yeomanry cap and collar badges together with cloth shoulder titles ROYAL ARTILLERY and RA Arm of Service strips.
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