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Default 191st (Herts. & Essex Yeo.) Field Regt. RA.

Hello all, could anyone tell me what badges were worn by the above unit?. I imagine they would have worn the normal RA badges but I was told by an old WW2 veteran, as we looked at the grave of a gunner of the above unit in Bayeux War Cemetery, that he would have worn a badge of the design shown on his headstone. The badge on the stone was the Hart atop the Essex shield. The old veteran would have been in his 80s by then so probably he was mistaken. He wasn't in the unit himself but was of the opinion that all headstones for British personnel only carried the cap badge designs. I know that is not always the case. I thought the design on that particular headstone was from an arm badge the Regiment wore and if there was a cap badge with the Hart atop the Essex shield then I've never seen one. Any help much appreciated, thanks. Hoot.
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