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A reply to what may be seen as an old thread.....

My friend was a Tank Driver in the QDG. He told me that the cavalry regiments tended to give the A/A cap badges to the recruits, but once they qualified then a metal/brass one was issued and the A/A ones were handed back....except those which were broken.

My friend served from the 70's into the 80's, but he's adamant that the "Welsh Cavalry" still adhere to the same system.

I asked about the other units and he stated that from what he recalls, all of them wore the A/A badge! The reason is because it was seen as a "buggerence" factor as the badges kept breaking....especially the lancers! hence, when they qualified a more robust one was used.

I was based in Tidworth in 1980 and the QRIH were the resident cavalry unit. Their cap badges were a mixture of A/A and metal ones....some of the guys would buy the metals ones if they lost or broke their issued one...they actually bought them from the stores!

I wore a R Sigs cap badge for a while...the A/A version....the bases broke off with regularity! I would often see, as I have done myself, guys walking round with half a cap badge as the base was usually snagged on a pocket, twig or anything!

I saw the thread about the E Yorks Regt A/A badge...I have one and only bought it as there was a big discussion so many years ago as to whether they were made and issued, made for the museum or were ever made at all... the museum stated that they had never ordered any for their shop....I never came to a conclusion, so be one just in case!

There are many who only collect badges with makers marks...I get that...but I have seen soldiers wearing badges with NO makers marks! (27 years service) I know, because I often tried to blag one! The problem is that even ones with makers marks may not be correct.

I was also told that some units who "moved on" from A/A badges gave them to the local cadet forces to use. This was to help with the recruitment into the Regular arm but also to make good use of the old stock.

At the end of the's all down to the individual collector and what their preference is.

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