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Default Pewter 25th Foot 1782-1805 Button

I recently purchased this vary rare regimental button, when the Regiment were, between 1782 and 1805, known as 25th of Foot (Sussex Regiment). Its a long story how this title came about, which I will cover in my new book due out next year, with luck.

The button was unearthed by a metal detector and sold at auction in Devonshire, Southern England, this fits in with that period in our history when the regiment were stationed in Plymouth from 1780's until 1798, in between 6 detachments of Borderers from 1793 until 1797 sailed with the Royal Navy Fleet as marines taking part in many battles, moreover, non more famous as 'the Glorious First of June' in 1794 on board HMS Marlborough where one Sergeant and four marines of the 25th were killed and a further 14 wounded.

Although slightly damaged the detail is clearly visible and considering it having been in the earth for over two Centuries its a rare regimental find. This would at the time have been an other ranks waist coat button.
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