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I agree, the date on the picture is confusing. I found a picture I had from a GG magazine dated 1944 showing a few countries promise badges. The Indian GG badge c.1944 was the same as the then UK badge. This same badge was used in the colonies as well. So my assumption is that the GG promise badge with 'INDIA' title is post 1947 to 1951 when they joined the Bharat Scouts.

Thanks for this Steven. very useful. By any chance is it possible to have a better scan of the pages so I can read them. Maybe as two single pages. But don't bother if it's too much trouble.

This badge has turned out to be a nice find. Steve, do you have any info on the Boy Scout India 'On War Service' silver badges which were issued during WW2. I have one with the date stamped on the back. There are others with the date on the front of the badge.
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