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This has been discussed on a number of occasions, quite frankly, any eagle actually worn as a Pathfinder badge, by a member of 8 Group, is, in effect, a Pathfinder badge, notwithstanding, what it may have originally been intended for.
The only difference is that the badge you refer to was actually made as a Pathfinder badge, it has been suggested that these are post war, made for the PFF Association, but, like you, I believe that some were issued to members of 8 Group during the war, moreover, I too, have had them in good original groups.

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This is a subject on which there is much debate, with an almost impossible goal of agreement. As a staff member at the RAF Pathfinder Museum, I have access to many established and contemporary examples.

The types and styles of the PF badges in the collection include those with pin backs, screw posts and 'blade' fittings. All such types were definitely worn as period pieces.

The type I personally favour is the pin back version with the 'barrel' pin holder and 'squared' catch loop, but that is not to say that the other types are not 'right'.

I would suggest that badges which do not come direct from veterans must be treated with caution unless accompanied by undoubted provenance and / or an original Pathfinder award certificate signed by AVM D.C.T. Bennett.

I have in my own collection one which I believe is beyond doubt, which came with no certificate, direct from a veteran's family with medals and other undoubted original documents. It is the same type as offered for viewing by forum member 'arrestingu' earlier in this thread.
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