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Originally Posted by Flatdog View Post
Hi Vincent,

I was wondering if you could elaborate on the St. Edwards crowned version in your avatar. I bid on one once and it went for quite a bit. I have never seen one in use. I would love some background and pics if you have any.

Hi Clay,

The St.Edwards Crown version was never officially produced. KOMR did not have their badges changed when the Queen became sovereign. The reason why I wouldn't know!! The Officers had their Tudor Crown badges modified privately by local jewellers to reflect the Queens Crown.

As for the KOMR Other Ranks cap badge the Regiment kept the same badge till disbandment in 1972. Therefore it's not entirely correct to listed this badge as pre-1953 due to the crown! As noted in the thread, some variants do exists, but crown remains the same throughout.

For images please refer to my album "Maltese Regiments". If you do require further images just PM me and i'll post more. Hoping this helps.

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