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Default King's Own Malta Regiment Cap Badge Variants.

Sounds like a cliche, but one is always learning. This is something I've recently learned from a fellow collector which I would like to share.

The King's Own Malta Regiment was created in 1931 having dropped the Militia status and served the crown till it's disbandment in 1972. Having served 41 years the cap badges had some variants, mostly not so obvious. Here are 4 Other Ranks brass types with their differences pointed out.

Yes most collectors doubt the authenticity of No.4, but so far I've never seen anything plausible stating otherwise. True to be told, I've never seen any images of KOMR personnel wearing this badge, but again these could have been genuine rejects by the regiment. Till then this will form part of my collection!!

1. Early-type KOMR: Rounded more defined oak leaves and "filled ribbon" below the annulus. Dull coloured brass.

2. Later-type KOMR: Oak leaves seem slimmer and the ribbon below annulus is voided. Polished brass lacking any patina.

3. As the early-type but having the Maltese cross in brass.

All these having sliders.

4. Obvious differences are the Maltese cross and lugs at the rear of the badge. However also note similarities with the previously mentioned badges.

This is what I've managed to notice so far. If any other member could "spot any other differences" or any further suggestions, I would be more then happy to know.

In the meantime I hope this helps.

Regards to all.
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