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I think the RAASC element was 16 Company RAASC (Amphibious General Transport), a distinctly separate unit from NRL as shown in the ORBAT. Both were located at Shortland Camp, Newcastle, along with the RAEME workshops for the latter unit. 16 Coy RAASC was allotted under command of 15 NRL for home training and administration so clearly recognized as two separate units.

In 1956 16 Coy ceased to be u/comd 15NRL, was converted to MT with four transport platoons and one amphibious platoon. I seem to recall it had a pipe band at one stage too; this might have been later in life. By July 1959 it had been converted back to Amphib GT, with 40 and 41 Tpt Pls.

Definitely never a lettered sqn of 15 NRL although early in the piece (pre 1952(?)) while there was only A Sqn 15NRL, not a regiment, the attached RAASC coy might have been jokingly referred to as 'B Sqn' or similar.

Checked E Comd ORBAT for Oct 1952, 1 Armd Bde ORBAT for 1953, AMF ORBAT July 1955 and AMF ORBAT February 1958 for the above details.

In those days there would have been no question of whether one or both badges would have been worn, the RAASC unit would have worn their own. They may however have adopted the black beret, quite unofficially!

Cheers, Keith
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