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My guess is that it dates from WW2.

South Wales Border Regiment
The 6th Battalion was raised in Glanusk Park, Breconshire, in July 1940. Almost none of its men had had any military training. It trained as an infantry regiment until April 1942, when it suddenly became a tank unit 158 Regiment Royal Armoured Corps (South Wales Borderers). Psychiatrists weeded out those unsuitable for the new role. In this capacity the Battalion sailed for Bombay in October 1942, and trained in India as a tank regiment until March 1943, when it reconverted to infantry.

It now trained as an amphibious assault unit and moved to Calcutta to attack Akyab. But this attack was cancelled and the Battalion was sent to Burma to fight as an ordinary infantry regiment in the Arakan. In spite of a chequered career and many disappointments it was now to prove its worth.
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