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There is another member of this Forum who knows Ron far better than I, but I met him on a couple of occasions and did see some of his collection.

Ron was a collector, who did have some very nice badges, but also had a great many that weren't.

He would have somebody he knew create/fake/design/alter a real badge into something he thought/wanted/believed existed, others he fabricated himself.

In the recent past, I understand that a lot of his genuine stuff was sold and the remainder, which included the fakes/fantasies/copies etc were all bought by a general dealer.

In fairness, the chap who purchased this hoard knows as much about badges as I do in respect of nuclear fission and as a consequence was lumbered with a load of rubbish, which are being offered on ebay.

When the lockdown is over, I may well go to his shop and have a quiet word in his shell like.

That's the Ron story.


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