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Originally Posted by Alan O View Post
Exactly. The 1970 date is incorrect unless we believe that there was a market in the 70s' or 80s' for the early brigade badges. They are quite common in mint condition which I would suggest' are boxes of the un-issued final production runs dating fromc.1963-4 being sold off.
Youll never know a definitive answer to that. You can only give a window at best. As Bess says, Gaunt badges were wrapped in tissue paper and then put into a cardboard box, so many per box. I have seen a number of these boxes but cant recall what information is on the labels.
When I next see a box,i will make a note of what the label says. It certainly isn't as detailed as the information given on the bags that Firmin use/used. Then again just because the production date is x doesn't mean that it was issued before y. Would certainly be dependant on regt or corps and location.
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