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Hi All
Some more info on SAN trade badges:
The SAN branch and trade badges were based on the RN badges. One of the main differences was that the star changed to a 5-pointed star. The ratings were divided into the Seaman and Trade Branches. The Seaman Branch badges were independent of rank but the Trade Branch badges followed the rank structure, ie: no star Seaman; one star Able-Seaman; two stars Leading Seaman; Lion and one star Petty Officer.

The Seaman Branch badges up to the 1970s were as follows: one star Part 3; two star Part 2; Lion and one star Part 1; Lion and two stars Instructor. In the 1970s the structure was changed to be: one star-Part 1; two stars-Part 2; Lion and one star-Part 3; Lion and two stars-Instructor.

Gold bullion wire badges were worn on No.1 and No.2 uniforms but were private purchase, yellow cotton on black embroidered badges were the issued badges. Number 1 uniform was full dress with medals and No.2 was full dress with only medal ribbons if applicable. Red on black badges were worn on the No.3 uniform which was working dress, but the use of the red embroidered badges was discontinued in the late 1970s though they were still worn by members who had them well into the 1980s. Blue on white badges were worn on the summer uniforms and action working dress.

As with the RN, Chief Petty Officers and Warrant Officers wore smaller versions of the ratings badges on the collars of their winter and black uniforms and these ranks also wore a Petty Officer sized trade or branch badge on the left breast of their action working dress shirt in blue-on-white.

The metal badge shown I don't think was ever worn by SAN divers though this mistake has been compounded by Owen's book, though I'd b happy to be corrected.

The modern badges shown are post-2003 plasticised type. These no longer have the stars to represent levels of qualification, just the divers helmet for qualified divers and with the crest of the coat-of-arms for part 3 qualified divers who would be CPO's or WO's.


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