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Default More Cloth shoulder titles for discussion

Originally Posted by Mark Corcoran View Post
Well BC,

Thanks for pointing out the reference images you've provided. You are quite right... I had not stumbled upon that album... so naturally I enjoyed them immensely. I saw your Royal Australian Army Nursing Service on grey... which I've been looking for but never ever seen before! Hells bells, the Australian Army Medical Women's Service title itself, is a million miles between specimens! You are damned lucky to have both of those

I had never seen the 5th Recruit Training Btn flash before either!

You've inspired me... I will scan a few of the manufacturer's errors and some odd colour variants that I have and I'll post them here... while I figure out how to do the "Album" thing as well.

I also see that you've preserved some philanthropics... I have a few Red Cross variants to share and... drifting into earlier and later cloth title periods... I have an Everymans' (on WWII khaki) and a Salvation Army item on the original issue AustCam material.

In the interim, I'd be interested to see ANY discussion here, about ANY of the manufacturer's errors???

Finally, has anyone compiled a full album of the unbordered post 1963 cloth titles? If not, I'd better make a start on that too I suppose?

With thanks


I said that you inspired me to go and get some of the cloth shoulder titles from the reference collection, for scanning and posting here. So, here's start

As you will see, I did get a bit 'ill-disciplined' in this process... because I mixed some bordered and unbordered period insignia together. I did that just because I thought the items showed an interesting variation or manufacturing error for discussion here.

For example, I have heard very few people speak about the RACT unbordered cloth title error... its a somewhat subtle one and it probably gets overlooked

Finally, I did get a bit more coordinated by the time I put together the philanthropic cloth shoulder titles... there are more variations of course... but these are a reasonable start, if your collection is to extend to those organisations which are approved to wear their own organisational insgnia, while wearing the Australian Army Uniform.

I hope these are of interest to all?


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