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Originally Posted by badgecollector View Post
cheers mark
I have been collecting these variations for about 20yrs. I do have a few others not shown but over all, this is it for so many years of searching. bloody hard to find.

I have put a new folder up in the albums section. not sure if you have noticed, but it does have a few rarer manufacturers errors towards the back.

anyway, thanks for the comment

Well BC,

Thanks for pointing out the reference images you've provided. You are quite right... I had not stumbled upon that album... so naturally I enjoyed them immensely. I saw your Royal Australian Army Nursing Service on grey... which I've been looking for but never ever seen before! Hells bells, the Australian Army Medical Women's Service title itself, is a million miles between specimens! You are damned lucky to have both of those

I had never seen the 5th Recruit Training Btn flash before either!

You've inspired me... I will scan a few of the manufacturer's errors and some odd colour variants that I have and I'll post them here... while I figure out how to do the "Album" thing as well.

I also see that you've preserved some philanthropics... I have a few Red Cross variants to share and... drifting into earlier and later cloth title periods... I have an Everymans' (on WWII khaki) and a Salvation Army item on the original issue AustCam material.

In the interim, I'd be interested to see ANY discussion here, about ANY of the manufacturer's errors???

Finally, has anyone compiled a full album of the unbordered post 1963 cloth titles? If not, I'd better make a start on that too I suppose?

With thanks

To quote and old friend of mine:
"If you are able to read this, thank a teacher.
If you are able to read this in English, thank a soldier."

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