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Could not find any information on the actual badge even though I have seen it before somewhere. However what I can say is that on page 130 The Royal Corps of Signals Unit Histories of the Corps and its antecedents by Cliff Lord and Graham Watson states the following regarding 2 Signal Brigade:
The first brigade patch was white over blue canvas with a red horseshoe and a red 2 in the centre. There were 13 nail holes in the horseshoe. Seven of the holes were on the right hand side unlike later versions, which had seven on the left side. From 1992, 2 Signal Brigade personnel wore a lack square patch with a horseshoe in red in the centre of which was a red figure 2. A version of this was also issued green with a black horseshoe. The 13 nail holes represent the now defunct 13 Signal Group disbanded in 1972.
2 Signal Brigade
1968 HQ 2 Signal Group (Static Communications Network)
1972 absorbed 13 Signal Group (V)
1982 2 Signal Brigade
1987 2 Signal Brigade absorbed 1 Signal Group
1992 2(National Communications) Signal Brigade (Disbanded 2012)
The patch would appear to be post 1972. It will be interesting to see what it really turns out to be!

Originally Posted by Alan O View Post
My bad - and I have a Latin O Level! I read it as a L for 50. Not sure what that is as 16 is not a sqn or regt number associated with the Horseshoe of 2 Sig Bde. The colours do match the RSignals DZ patch but the Sqn number was 216 and it was in 5 AB Bde.
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