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Default Signals Pipers Glengarry Badge

Dear Friends.

I am delighted that Phil (Drummajor) Jones has posted this Thread on the Forum as Phil has been in touch with me about this Glengarry Badge and I have not been able to advise him as to who may have worn it.

Phil was advised by the seller of this 2" Chrome or Silver Plated badge that it was worn by the Pipe Band of 61st (City of Edinburgh) Signal Regiment TA.

Now this Regiment came into being in 1958 as 61 Signal Regiment TA. In 1962 the Regiment was given the title of 61st (City of Edinburgh) Signal Regiment TA. My understanding is that this was the same time that they introduced their own Pipe Band under the stewardship of Pipe Major James Kamp Frame who lasted until 1965 when I believe Pipe Major Alexander Taylor took over until the Regiment ceased to exist as a Regiment in 1967 and was down sized to Squadron strength as one of the Squadrons of 32 (Scottish) Signal Regiment (V).

It is believed that the Glengarry Badge in question was made for the Pipe Band and was possibly made by the Regiment for a small number of pipers to wear.

I have not seen this particular design of Glengarry Badge before and neither has my friend and Guru Cliff Lord.

The seller of this badge advised Phil that it was very rare and other than the one Phil has purchased the only other one he had ever seen in still in the seller's collection.

Other than the modern day Royal Corps of Signals Corps of Pipes and Drums Glengarry Badge, this Glengarry Badge is the only one without the Scottish Saltire
from 32 (Scottish) Signal Regiment now just 32 Signal Regiment (V), that I have ever seen with the St Edward's Crown (Queens Crown).

Phil has taken some photos that he is allowing me to use to show this badge on my little web site but like Phil I really would like to have some further information about this badge.

Hopefully some of our members may be able to enlighten us.

With my kind regards

Chris Walker
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