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Smile JR Gaunt & Son Ltd

It's probably not interesting to many reading this, but this company was my second employer, from October 1963 to late March 1964. I worked in their Warstones factory as a junior clerk/dogsbody. :-)

I remember my brief time there very well. The boss was called "Mr John" and was, of course, one of the sons/grandsons/great grandsons of the founders of the business. My search for information about the company on google brought me to this forum.

As it happens, after a brief period of working for another old famous Birmingham business (William Canning Ltd on Constitution Hill, Birmingham) I joined the Royal Navy.

About Gaunt's: they had an excellent reputation for quality and made a whole variety of badges, buttons etc. for not only the military but industry too. A lot of their clients/customers were Midland based manufacturers like Austin, Rover, Jaguar as well as other businesses making cookers, tractors (David Brown), and a wide range of industrial products that required a 'badge'.

I was told that JR Gaunt & Son was either 'sold' or absorbed into the Birmingham Mint business sometime in the 70's/80's, though I'm not too sure if this is actually true.

If anyone knows more of Gaunt's and their history I would love to know more because I'm documenting my life now for my children and grandchildren, so they know something of my own roots in Birmingham.

I'm pleased to have found some information about this old company and I can now add this to my 'biography'.
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