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Hi Duncan, Good start on your accumulation of Sherbrooke Fusilier cloth titles. The top three are the starch back (or also called the glue back). They were not available until the late spring or early summer of 1945. The printed title design was approved in May of 1944, with delivery sometime in June or July 1944. The next title down, with the white fuzzy stuff around the lettering is a repro, maybe made for one of the reunions. That leaves the last three, which may have been regimentally procured or private purchase. The poor quality of the bottom two poses an interesting question. Why would any regiment take these into wear? They are cheap and the quality reflects back on the wearer. Many corps / regiments exist in this style of embroidery, but I have never seen one in photo evidence or in wear on a tunic. The third from the bottom may have been one worn between the summer of 1943 and the issue of printed titles, or it may be one acquired through private purchase.
And, you are still looking for the 27 Armoured Regiment title?
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