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Good morning (here) lettman. This my humble opinion. I could consider the diamond-shaped 12CTR patch as "good" because when the TRR were formed and then shipped to the UK in June 1941, they only wore the Khaki slip-ons titles. In April 1942, the TRR took the designation 12CTR. Now, using Clive Law's book* on the subject,, in October 1942 the diamond shaped patches were approved for wear (with and without the letter designators).
During that time, all the other Canadian units in the UK were asking (demanding) for their own titles and , I supposed, orders were placed (willy-nilly) to any companies willing to make those titles, with different materials (melton or felt) with different process and finally different (or indifferent) quality controls. So,IMO, I would consider your patch as good, unless, unless someone can tell me were I went wrong. By the way, on page 17 of Clive Law's book, there is a good pic of an officer of the TRR(12CTR) wearing the patch.

*Distinguishing Patches,(Formation Patches of the Canadian Army) Service Publications
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