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Originally Posted by jfenzy1 View Post
Would be interesting if there are any other opinions and examples out there.
"The multiplicity of designs continued through WWI. Indeed, with the deployment of the American Expeditionary Forces in France and the advent of collar disks with branch insignia, a dizzying array of designs existed. Even today, it is still unknown how many different designs were produced. Designs in the U.S. had a tenure of approximately ten years before a new insignia was designed for a particular uniform. In France, however, soldiers employed a wide-array of French manufacturers to make their uniform items.

In 1936, the Army Institute of Heraldry redesigned and standardized the design of the Shell and Flame. This stylized Shell and Flame remains the current version. Interestingly, all older versions were allowed to be grandfathered out of use. It is not uncommon to see photos of WWII Ordnance soldiers still wearing the pre-1936 design. There are portraits of Officers wearing the pre-1936 design up until 1962."

History of the Shell and Flame
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