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Originally Posted by Tinhat View Post
Thanks Chay, I think it's two letters, one inside the other but don't know what they mean.
Looks like a stylised version of jiim/jeem , the fifth letter of the Arabic alphabet.

It is also the third letter in traditional abjad order, which is used in place of numerals for list numbering .

So possibly it is used to indicate a regiment or a rank (number 3 or third in command)?

Have seen photos of troops , during siege of Grand Mosque (1979) , wearing 'similar' helmets. Main group involved was SANG (Saudi Arabian National Guard) so possibly something to do with them. Its duties include protecting the House of Saud, guarding against military coups, guarding strategic facilities and resources, and providing security for the cities of Mecca and Medina.

The national guard is under the administrative control of the Ministry of the National Guard, instead of the Ministry of Defence. It differs from the regular Saudi army in being forged out of tribal elements loyal to the House of Saud and tasked with protecting the royal family from internal dangers such as a coup d'état.

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