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From RACD ledger, my notes:

1.1.05 Badges Cavalry scouts 1st class with bar, 2nd class without bar, gilding metal
15.3.05 Badges scouts cavalry to be worn full dress Date uncertain
3.7.07 Badges Scouts gilding metal, 1st and 2nd, size reduced
3.7.07 Badges Scouts, reduced size [gm] 1st and 2nd class size reduced, rubbings included.
16.7.07 Badges Scouts, black backing small size .

2. Cavy Drill Manual 1896 ...."ground scouts" employed in reconnoitring the ground"

3. 1897. Scout badge intro. VDG by B-P

4. 1899. "Aids to Scouting" by B-P " badge fleur de lys representing north point compass, one officer per regiment, and eight men per squadron.

5. Clothing Regs 1909 [not mentioned in previous CR] Cavalry and Infantry First class with bar, and also describes the junior version for cavalry but not for infantry. [CR often a bit behind the drag curve and show signs of clerical and admin errors]
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