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Default Royal Naval Barrackmaster?

Excuse my not adding anything over the last few days but my internet has been down.

I've checked the dates for the Firmin backmarks and they seem to be dated as follows: -

Firmin London & Birmingham 1882 -
Firmin & Sons Ltd. St. Martins Lane London 1895 - 1915
Firmin *London* Mid-20th century

I assume that all the buttons owned or seen are King's Crown buttons? I've certainly never seen one with any other crown. I've spent the Easter weekend poring through my reference books and Admiralty manuals but drawn a complete blank other than the odd reference to there BEING a barrackmaster - which we already knew. So I guess we have drawn a blank and unless we find anymore information we can't proceed any further at the moment with positively identifying this button. But I'm still determined to solve this mystery!

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