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Originally Posted by mike_vee View Post
I would guess that one bidder (who is winning) initially put a very high maximum bid and the other one keeps 'testing' how high it is , thus bumping the price up very quickly. A lot of the bids are "automatic" , so each time the second bidder tries they get the "you have been outbid" message and try a slightly higher bid.

What happens if final winning bidder backs out / refuses to pay , does the second place bidder pay the last amount they bid or are all the 'winners' bids removed ?

If the winning bidder retracts their last bid citing an error in the amount, the auction would then show the next highest bidder as being the person winning the auction.

The person who withdraws the bid is supposed to then enter another amount but, quite often, people fail to do so.

I’m pretty sure that the seller could then raise an objection with eBay, however I’m not sure what action they would then take, if any, in terms of legal enforcement of what is supposed to be a binding contract.
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