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I was about 9 or 10, my parents had moved into a Victorian house a few years previously in 1957.

My dad kept chickens at the end of the garden, I was in the chicken run one day feeding the chickens worms, and whilst feeding, one was scratching the soil, up popped a badge.

After cleaning it, I found that it was a Middlesex Regiment badge, but it was many years later, when I began to take a real interest in militaria, that I discovered that it was in fact an economy version.

I have that badge still.

Meanwhile, also at the end of the garden was a rickety old shed. In there, standing on a shelf was, to my eyes, a large yellow coloured badge.

I kept this for many years not knowing what it actually was, but eventually found it to be an Officer's QVC Helmet Plate for 1st West India Regiment. The gilt was still in very good, as was the general overall condition.

It would have been wonderful to have known the antecedence of the previous occupants of the house.

I eventually swapped it for some other stuff when the bug bit and have since seen it on at least 3 dealers sites in the intervening years.

Who knows, one of you may have it now in your collections.


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