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Originally Posted by Drew View Post
In the Jan to March issue of The Formation Sign, there was a very interesting excerpt about a “22nd Queen’s” embroidered shoulder title with white writing on a red background. I was quite surprised by this as I had always presumed such white on red titles (for the London Regiment), were all WWII. There is a picture of the title and also a photograph of an officer in WWI uniform. I just wondered how many other London battalions may have used such colours. For example, there is the following ‘23rd London Regt.’ one on an auction site (which is also described as WWI).

How do we know for certain that they are of this point in time and not of the immediate inter-war period? I don’t mean to sound doubtful of the ascription, I am just very curious about this subject.
I am aware that many units had this colour scheme for cloth titles pre-1908, but I had just not seen it before with the London Regiment until after the Great War.

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After a little rummaging through my notes I can now offer the following for consideration in respect of the '23rd LONDON REGT.' shoulder title:

23 ST Jul 1956 a.jpg23 ST Aug 1956 a.jpg23 ST May 1957 a.jpg


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