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Originally Posted by fougasse1940 View Post
Jerry I came to my conclusion based solely on your images, in hand the difference in colour might heve led me to a different conclusion. But comparing front and back the back seems less yellow.
Some badge buffs consider the first version of these plated badges to have had some sort of silver wash, and the second version nickel plated.

My plated vesion is definately not silver plated.

Rgds, Thomas.
A silver wash seems more applicable than nickle plating in this case. You are correct, the more yellow badge is less obviously yellow on the reverse which is why I said that perhaps you are correct in that it has lost some of its finish.
If I remember correctly, plating is first done by polishing the metal, than a copper layer is applied then the nickle and then the other top plate layer, all done by electro plating. Certainly for chrome plating, it was copper, nickle then the chrome so a silver wash would replace the chrome, though whether in this case it is actual silver or another metal finish that gives that colour.

Nickle plating is just the two layers, copper with the nickle on top.

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