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Thanks for the link. I'm well out of the loop regards the situation now having served in the 1980s, RAF Police. Back then dogs were usually worked until unfit for work or until not up to the job, then a trip to the vet... I would be interested in the situation today. Probably the case dogs that fail training may be available if not wanted back by their previous owners. I assume there would be concerns over Military Working Dogs used in some roles being discharged to the public on safety grounds. Regards, Paul.
More links. - that's dated December 2017 and gives contact details as-

Procurement Section,

Defence Animal Centre,

Asfordby Road, Melton Mowbray,

Leicestershire, LE13 0HX.

Tel: 01664 418668

Defence Animal Centre looks to now be known as the Defence Animal Training Regiment (2018?)- finding it had to find definite contact info re animal rehoming under that name.

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