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Originally Posted by lettman View Post
Is there a comprehensive listing of all Tactical Recognition Flashes used by the British Army over the last 20 years? I'm particularly interested in those used by the Infantry regts prior to the recent formation of the 'super regiments'.
Thanks in advance for any assistance.
Hello there,

I concur with the comments by BADJEZ. I have both of these publications and without doubt they are really good. They have been republished by the Military Library Research Services Limited. They can be ordered via their web site for total of 30 - good value for money!

You might like to try British Cloth Formation Signs by BL MORRIS. It comes in 3 parts. Part 3 is the one that covers TRFs etc. It is an A4 booklet showing TRFs etc in line drawings with the appropriate remarks on the opposite page. This can be obtained via the web site Another good and useful private publication by an expert collector.

Finally there is a series of wall charts knocking around, published by the MOD(A) showing all the registered and approved TRFs and AFBs. Unfortunately there are some errors on them. So you will probably be better with one of the publications I have listed. If you do find a definitive list please tell us so we can get one!

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