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Originally Posted by Guzzman View Post
I think I've found the answer!

The first four URNUs were Aberdeen (1965, but which relocated to Edinburgh in 1968), Glasgow and Strathclyde (1972), Liverpool (1972) and Southampton (1972). These are the four units represented by the shoulder flashes. The next unit to be founded was Birmingham in 1984. The most recent was Devon in 2017. There are now 15 URNUs and all but Devon have their own dedicated training vessel.

Only the first four units seem to have had shoulder titles. None seem to have been issued to units after the first four. I have been unable to confirm if they are still worn but it seems unlikely or more would be found by collectors.

Cheers Pete, I think they don't wear anything now, except on jumpers and shirts where they wear an URNU shoulder title, I have a pic somewhere, when I find it I'll post it!

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