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Originally Posted by Luke H View Post
The badge is genuine. A PY of that type is pictured in the 1969 edition of F.Wilkinsons ĎBadges of the British Army 1820-1960í i.e. before the fake flood in the 1970s. Indeed Iím yet to find a spurious cap badge pictured in that edition, most appear to be from a circa WW1 collection.

This type has not been restruck from the original die, quite simply theyíre scarce and not seen in the volumes associated with restrikes, none of the usual eBay suspects sell this sort and itís not in the MM catalogue. Add to that the age, patina, ok slider, quality of strike and metal etc. thatís apparent on your badge, I donít see anything to cause any doubt.

Keith Hook tells me he has identified 14 OR PY cap badge variations of which this is one and one he has had for a considerable amount of time.

Please by all means send it to me as this is a variation Iíd like
Thank you Luke H
I've just dug out my Wilkinson book and there it is!!
I've been driving past the antiques shop for years, I just popped in and there was a tray with 2 DCLI with broken sliders, one with slider, a Welsh Regt and this PY!
Interestingly the Wilkinson book has the 1984/85 price guide, it's £12.
A badge I've been after for a while but I've been put off by the fakes minefield!
Thank you all who have contributed to this thread, your time and help is appreciated.

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