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Originally Posted by gurkharifles View Post
Hi "Conan"

Welcome to the forum - I've attached a couple of photos that might help. The buttons will definitely have the crown as per the photos - ( crown was introduced in 1960 and in use till amalgamation in 1994 ) - the TRF I think your referring to is the 48 Gurkha Infantry Brigade ( white kukris on red ) the 6th GR were part of this brigade from 1974>1977 - so that fits your dates. Less sure of what shoulder slip on titles you refer to - but the second photo gives you some ideas I think. None of these will prove expensive or particularly difficult to get hold of. Cheers Tim
Thanks so much for this! The collar buttons and tfr patch you show are very helpful.
The shoulder slips what you sent also. The one with black background and pips are what I assume I am supposed to get, as it matches the description I was given. He said he had three pips on it though (making him a captain?). May ask the technical names for these, as I have been using vague terms to search the internet so far.
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