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The World War 1 jacket/ trousers are very similar in cut and colour to the British Army Number 2 dress ( now called FAD or Future Army Dress), or for officers the "Officers Service Dress" (OSD). During WW2 and for a while thereafter the Battledress would be completely wrong in appearance. I see from one of the photos above that a leather jerkin would also have been worn, or even a heavily modified sheepskin rug as evidenced by WW1 photos.
The WW1 "Gor blimey" caps are going to impossible to find, but again the Modern OSD caps worn with a brass cap badge would be "close enough for Government work".
Officers would have worn a Sam Browne leather belt with leather holster and shoulder strap. The same now as then.
Obviously the WW1 Tommy Helmet was worn throughout WW2 and also by other nations post war.
I have had bits from my collection lent to Am Dram productions and never had any problems, but I was careful not to lend out irreplaceable items.
Best of luck,

Ian H
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