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Many thanks to Len, Jo and Paul for useful and practical suggestions. I've now checked the recommended sites, trawled through eBay, and have made a few preliminary purchases. Accessing a reenactor group doing the WWI period would be ideal. Unfortunately, the reenators I know of in this area concentrate on Indian War period units. My first impression is that authentic WWI equipment is out of sight price-wise; even a set of reproduction gear runs around $150.00. Keep in mind that I have 10-12 actors to outfit and we haven't even started talking uniforms. Theatrical costume houses are a possibility, but they are expensive and, based on my experience, not necessarily authentic. I'm starting to think that I will use P37 gear, rather than the correct P08 stuff. P37 gear still seems to be readily available at a much lower cost. I think it will still look British to the audience and most won't known the difference. And finally, when the show is over, I'll be left with authentic equipment rather than a pile of repros. I still don't know what I'm going to do about uniforms and helmets...
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