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Default Royal Ulster Rifles question . . .

Gents I have 2 Queens Crown RUR's made by Smith & Wright and H.W.Timings. We ignore the obvious Kings Crown copy.

I know that this 'cap badge' design is used in one of 3 former Irish regiments as kilt badges now by the Royal Irish Regt. These have lugs that are located North and South as one would expect allowing them to sit and hang correctly on the kilt fabric.

However I recently acquired a RUR anodised badge with lugs East & West.

Would this merely be a maker's variation for the kilt badge or a caubeen badge for the RUR? I have little knowledge of RUR headgear, certainly up to their amalgamation into the Brigade in 1958. I know the R.Irish certainly have a slider and lugged version of their cap badge.

Any knowledge greatly received.

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