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Originally Posted by Restrikes-ok View Post
Ironically the Duke of Lancaster's handbook talks about the 59th Nottinghamshire Regt wearing the Fleur de Lys too ! (back in the day)

The Duke of Lancasters handbook does not say in what manner the 59th (2nd Notts) displayed the 'fleur de lys' emblem 'first adopted by them as early as the Napoleonic Wars.' It did not seem to be important enough to feature on belt plates or cap badges worn at various points in the next sixty years or so.

The emblem allegedly derived from the arms of Nottinghamshire, although it does not appear in the crest of either Notts county or city.

The 2nd East Lancs did, though, sport a 'fleurs de lys' as an unofficial battalion symbol, for sports etc., following the Childers union of 30th and 59th.

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