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Originally Posted by Panther1 View Post
Wmr RHB - Those Regimental charts are really good and so informative. Are they only available for this Regiment or are there other? If so could you please provide a link for the home page.
Hm, thanks for the compliments.

It starts at The Regiments of:.

What is there at the moment is parts of my local web site (only accessible from the home LAN). The parts copied "in the open" are, like the ones I offered above, because it looked opportune for a discussion here.

When people show interest (as you do), I will try to make at least the "Great Britain" part complete.

I will post here when I think everything is there.

BTW any comments about the contents, like typing errors, dates wrong, complete nonsense, etc. will be taken as contributions to help and improve the charts.
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