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Originally Posted by leigh kitchen View Post
I discounted Royal Irish Fusiliers and Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers as suggestions as the caubeen shown doesnt have a green or red badge backing.

Thread drift - I have a dark blue caubeen, 1950s or 60's dated (1957 I think...) that has a Royal Irish Rangers anod badge and green hackle, very firmly attached - is there any possibility that on Formation of the Royal Irish Rangers there may have been a temporary wearing of the new regiment's insignia with the blue caubeen by personnel from the old blue caubeen regiments?
Yes there was. I remember being on a bus in Catterick Garrison in 1969 and wondering why the Rangers were wearing both dark blue and dark green caubeens. This was when the three constituent regiments of the Royal Irish Rangers were shaking down into two battalions.

The 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers (1 R IRISH) moved to Catterick to relieve 3 R IRISH and assumed its Mechanised role in 6 Infantry Brigade. The 3rd Battalion disbanded on 3 December 1968 and the remaining personnel merged with 1 R IRISH.

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