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HI there ,
the RA ANTI-TANKS cloth titles is a good original example in every way the white backing cloth is correct but the big clue is the lettering the individual stitches of the letters ,they have an unusual contruction and if you run your finger over them they have a distinct raised feel to them and the distinct colouring that has prooved ( so far ) too difficult to reproduce.

My own very strong belief is that many of these un / semi official cloth titles LIGHT TANK SQUADRON , ANTI TANKS etc etc were worn far more often than collectors realise , many were `taken down ` in 1942-43 but some men / units continued to wear them on best / walking out uniform again this may have taken place around the time the individual left the services and wore the titles on his ` home coming ` bd .
Luc is bang on when he states

" there are regulations and there is practise "

there is too much of the
` this would never be allowed the R.S.M would have a fit if he saw that been worn ` etc
Regulations on dress and insignia were often broken inparticular in special ist forces .

Regarding the ` Airborne ` strip after the order to remove them in 1944 some men continued to wear them to the wars end and after , if this was unit choice or just done by individuals again may be on best bd i can not say but they were even worn by the Indian Airborne In the far east despite what has been written else where .
regards ,Nemo.

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