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Mark and Mike:
Thank you for your insight into this being a SWW badge. I was wondering what characteristics of the badge place it into that era. If the motto around the badge "Lord Strathconas Horse Royal Canadians" is a ribbon, then the ends of the ribbon are high at the 11 and 1 o'clock positions. The ends of that ribbon point down and end with a "swallow tailed" notch. In post WW1 badges I see that the notches on the ribbon come off at about a 45 degree angle and the notches attach to the corners of the shield. It has been my belief that if the notches point downward, then it is an early badge (assuming it is not recent issue). The problem is that I do not know when this changeover occurred.

I have heard other theories of the presence of the beaver, the position of the beaver the condition of the tree. Some say that as the beaver "advances" on the tree it is a later badge. More theories that I cannot verify. Would appreciate any thoughts that you folks could share to help shed some light on this series of badges.
Thank you

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