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It is with good reason that Chris Marsh's book entitles the cadets chapter as a 'confusion of cadets'.

As I understand it the badges shown are 'not authorised for production' - namely not worn by the Regular or TA Battalions during their existence.

I have not seen any evidence to suggest that any CCF or ACF had them made in the years after the regts had adopted the Welsh Bde/RRW cap badge but precedents exist elsewhere of ACFs continuing to wear pre '58 badges well into the 1990s so I would not rule it out. For example I know for a fact that the Y&L and the Cameronians badges were worn by the ACF and the Tyneside Scottish is still in use by cadets today.

If anyone does have any evidence for the SWB and the Welch badges wear by cadets then I would be very interested.
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