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Default Is there an anodised Leics PAO Yeomanry?

the recent thread about the anodised C&D and L&D cap badges, threw up within it the question of the anodised Leicestershire Yeomanry cap badge.

I know it is quoted in vol.2 of Kipling & King ( ref 1424) - the gilding metal, white metal AND anodised version. There are sealed pattern dates for the former two, but not the anodised.

My question therefore is, did the authors know for sure there was indeed an anodised example ( and how) or were they mistaken or made assumptions that it existed? I believe that Chris M found no MOD reference sources for its manufacture, when researching his own great reference publication.

Could it be that when vol.2 was first published in 1979 that anodised badges were not particularly popular for collectors in the wider sense and therefore in some way 'lip service' was paid to them in some quarters? I do of course gents take nothing away from the fine reference works that both volumes are, but they do have - as is often quoted within forum - errors, be they mistakes or misunderstandings on the part of the authors. We take for granted today, the ability to communicate, connect, purchase and research easily from our armchairs via the Internet- do we not? These books, actually are more impressive when one considers they were 'analogue' in essence.

So, does anyone have any information about the existence of this badge at all? I am fairly confident that one would surely have turned up in front of a forum member here over the years - be they official or otherwise. Amongst us we have some of the rarest and earliest examples of anodised alluminium cap badges that there are - in the possession of collections that must rank as some of the most important in the UK if not internationally.

I have the gilding metal example by Gaunt, which I believe is not the easiest to find.

Would welcome your comments gentlemen

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