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Default British Military Administration insignia

Good evening

The recent posting of a Tripolitania Police slouch hat has got me wondering as to which of the British Military Administrations had their own specific insignia. So far I am aware of the following:

"British Military Administration Prison Service" cap(?) badge (crossed keys over force title), possibly used in Tripolitania

"BMA Police" cloth shoulder title, possibly worn in Eritrea

Dodecanese Police cap badge ('Rose' over "BMA")

"Eritrea Police" cap badge (first pattern: star enclosing force title)

"Eritrea Police" cap and collar badges (second pattern: leaping gazelle over force title)

Eritrea Prison Service cap(?) badge (crossed keys over "EPS")

"Eritrean Railways/BMA" cap(?) badge (as once owned by me):

Ethiopian Reserved Areas Police cap badge (lion/sceptre over "ERAP")

"Tripolitania Police" cap and collar badges

Does anyone know of any other items specific to the BMA in any of the formerly occupied territories being administered after the cessation of hostilities in that area?

Many thanks

I am looking to purchase items from the British Administration Police & Prison Services in Cyrenaica & Tripolitania; Eritrea & Ethiopia; Somalia (f. Italian Somaliland) & British Somaliland; & the Dodecanese: insignia, documents, photographs etc.
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