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First of all, as I said, they came to me in that condition and the infestation happened long before I obtained them. I suppose the silverfish fed themselves to death! I have a substantial amount of naval cloth badges which came to me from different sources, mainly from a couple of long defunct army & navy tailors. They had open cartons lying about for years in dark and damp corners so vermin would have had a field day. Many badges still have a lot of surface dirt and could do with a good clean but I'm loath to wash away the dirt of years and be left with a whiter-than-white badge!
I have also noticed that it is only the red wool yarn that is attacked, although I have badges with silverfish damage to the dark blue backing cloth.
Re the 'price tag' - you have to read it inverted, and it shows 2/6 (or half-crown in pre-decimal currency). I would think that was the tailor's price, inclusive of badge, for sewing on to uniform.
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