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Hi Bruce,
Only just seen this one from you. While I do not know if there is a market for a reprint I had thought seriously about a second edition. Last year I ran it past Malcom Thomas but he was not keen on the idea. Only 500 copies were made of each volume so I expect there are not a lot of second hand copies for sale. We did not expect the books to be in demand nearly 25 years later. An updated version in colour would be great, but would require a huge amount of work. I am currently donkey deep in a third edition of my Aden Book but this time in the format of the Middle East at War series by Helion and vol 4 in the same series for Bahrain, Kuwait and Qatar.
Cliff Lord

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Do you think there would be sufficient interest leading to sales for a reprint of these reference books to be considered, Cliff?

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