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Default Latest Batch has Arrived!!!

Without the help of a very kind forum member I would never be able to get the badges and patches I am able to acquire as he shipping for individual batches would make it prohibitive. THANK YOU!!!!

Abut every 6 to 8 weeks I have a batch of buys shipped to me, and although it's tough to have to wait to enjoy something, it is such a happy day when a batch is today! This batch has some exceptional pieces in it too, in fact so many that it's hard to name even a few. Plus there are a lot of gifts/surprises included!!!

Here are the pictures. Hope you can understand my delight!!!

Although there are some gifts in the first picture, this last one is above and beyond. I only bought two of the pieces in this picture. The other items are all gifts/surprises from two forum members. My VERY SINCERE thnaks to both of them as it has sure added to this wonderful day for me. How can one be so blessed!!!

Until next time,

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