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Originally Posted by mike_vee View Post
Hadn't heard about or seen that one , is it the one the Branch issued last year ?

It has been around for about 3 years or so. I even drove up to Seaham to try to get one last year but could find nowhere selling them. The badge, I am told, has a black background (possibly a red background variant too) which has the outline of the statue at its centre. The only one I have actually seen (black background) was at a shopping outlet near Seaham. I popped into a shop to get some change in order to buy one……changed my £20 note and found……..the seller had packed up and gone…..rude words were spoken!
ps: being blind as the proverbial bat, I read your post and replied…….then I noticed the photo you had posted…….that is the exact badge… least I can see why I was pondering red or black for the background . Well found sir. All I need now is how to get hold of one.
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