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By the way, Tigerlily, you may rethink your betrothal to Bradley Cooper when you see "Nightmare Alley"![/QUOTE]

Dob I am Nightmare Alli

I've occasionally felt a bit awkward about my collection, I don't have many expensive pieces(relative term I suppose) and have frequently had people contact me to see if I'd be interested in buying various badges, some of which are way beyond what I would comfortably pay for any item, which can be a bit embarrassing, again its all relative
I don't have the years of collecting that most of you have, but I know what I like, and the ones that are favourites in my collection are extremely modest, one common dirt cheap badge but with real provenance and another a very tiny scarce collar. Not glamorous but that doesn't matter. It's the same with my little sweetheart collection there is the beautiful Garrards Para badge that screams quality, but the ones I'm drawn to are the handmade lucite cut into hearts with attached collar badges or brooched, or hat pinned buttons. There is a real story there that's not immediately felt with a sweetheart still on its backing card. Maybe that's just the romantic in me.
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