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Originally Posted by Gaznav View Post

Sorry for the delay. The chaps on the motorcycle and sidecar outfit look like they are at RAF Halton - the wooden huts and what looks like the Chiltern Hills in the background give it away.

The Lance-Corporal tape was used over the years for Apprentices to denote various things - Junior Entries and Leading Apprentices immediately spring to mind. I wonder if that is what you are looking at? Obviously RAF Halton was conducting engineering training by 1918/1919 before No 1 School of Technical Training got the massive makeover under the direction of the visionary Lord Trenchard
Thanks for your comments Gaznav.

It is indeed Halton and Apprentices is a possible option. There are a few question marks over this however. To begin with, the original photo was dated 1918, the Apprentice scheme not starting until 1920 and No. 1 School of Technical Training when it was raised, was at RAF Cranwell, relocating to RAF Halton in 1922. Also, although it officially was abolished in 1924, the khaki uniform both are wearing was largely replaced by 1920 for all ranks by the blue uniform.

The familiar Apprentice badge of a four-bladed prop in a ring was authorised in April 1919 for wear on both sleeves, initially being worn from March 1920 at Cranwell so if Apprentices I'd have thought both would be wearing the badge.

A head scratcher!
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